Five Easy Updos for Your Next Formal Event

Few things are as sophisticated as an elegant updo, but they’re not as easy to put together as you might think. We think that a stylish updo is vital for any outfit, be it formal or informal. So, to make sure you look your absolute best, we’ve brought together some of our favorite updo styles that are easy to replicate, even though they look far from straightforward. 

Elevated low ponytail

If you’re having a bad hair day, a ponytail is the way to go. But they’re also a great way to look your best when your hair isn’t misbehaving. A low ponytail works really well with straight, curly, or wavy hair and can help you look sleek and sophisticated. It’s helpful to pin some of your hair over or around your band, as this disguises it and provides a little more volume to your ponytail. This simple trick helps you upgrade from a mere ponytail to a glam updo, so it’s certainly one to remember. 


Double effect low bun 

A close relative of the low ponytail, there are only very few occasions when a low bun doesn’t work out, and this double-bun trick might just become your go-to hairstyle. You can easily create a half bun by wrapping any excess hair around your head and tucking it into a band. This is the key to making an elevated bun that is ideal for any outfit and all occasions. You can mess things up a little by fluffing your bun, or you can keep things nicely tucked in for a sleek and sophisticated look. 


Milkmaid braids

Braids are on-trend right now, and although they look difficult to execute, they’re actually pretty easy to put together. To nail this chic style, braid your hair into two plaits, one over each shoulder, and then pin the plaits above your head. It’s easy enough to hide the ends of the braids under one another. You can even pull the edges of each braid ever so slightly to make them more voluminous. You will be amazed at how many people quiz you and ask you for your hairstylist, even though you’ve produced these stylish milkmaid braids yourself. 


High twist bun 

We’re loving the high twist bun right now as there are so many ways to enhance it. The straightforward version is to begin with two bunches before twisting each individually. You can then twist them together and pin them for a bun that looks much more complex than it is in a matter of seconds. If that doesn’t do it for you, you can incorporate braid, fishtails, or even French plaits into your look. These will create effortlessly chic formal updos that are remarkably simple to put together. For an added dash of flair, round things off with a diamanté hair clip, and you’re all set. 


Windswept high bun

The high bun is an undisputed classic, and when aided by several carefully placed curls, it’s an excellent choice for any formal do. The key with a bun is ensuring your hair has sufficient volume and texture before you put it together. You also need to be particularly careful when you’re teasing your twist into the shape that you desire. When you leave a few curls falling from the bun, you will achieve an effortless and glamorous look that should have been way more complicated than it actually was. 


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