Five festive cocktails to get you in the holiday mood

Choosing the right food and drink to serve up to family and friends can make or break the Christmas festivities. If you want to go the extra mile to spoil your nearest and dearest, here are five festive cocktail recipes that will get you into the holiday mood. 

Cranberry Mistletoe Margarita 

Cranberry Mistletoe Margarita


1/2 cup of cranberries 

1/4 cup of divided granulated sugar 

2 tablespoons of kosher salt 

1 wedge of lime for the rim of the glass 

2 cups of cranberry juice 

12 ounces of silver tequila 

8 ounces of triple sec 

1/2 cup of lime juice and one tablespoon (divided) 

12 cups of ice 

Mint for garnish 

While many of us reserve mistletoe exclusively for kissing at Christmas, this mistletoe margarita is a winter winner. While you might be put off by the long ingredient list, you will be amazed at how rich and delicious this cocktail is. The rich, ruby cooler, and tingling sensation will ensure that it’s well worth the effort this holiday season. 

Jack Frostbite 

Jack Frost Cocktail


Light corn syrup 

Coconut flakes for rimming the glasses 

3-4 cups of crushed ice 

1 cup of pineapple juice 

1/2 a cup of coconut rum 

1/2 a cup of cream of coconut 

While Jack Frost isn’t the most popular guy at this time of the year, the winter cocktail inspired by him has a lot more friends. If you’re a fan of tropical Pina Coladas, we’re certain that you will love this winter alternative. Featuring crushed ice and blue liquor, it’s a winter favorite that’s made for partying during the holidays. 

Christmas Sangria Special 

Christmas Sangria

2 chopped green apples 

2 cups of fresh cranberries

1/2 a cup of granulated sugar 

1 bunch of rosemary 

1 bottle of Moscato 

1 bottle of sparkling apple cider 

Coconut flakes for rimming the glasses 

While Sangria is a popular drink during the summer months, there’s no reason not to enjoy it when you’re enjoying Christmas at home or abroad. In fact, we’re certain that this holiday Sangria recipe will transport you to an exotic beach of your choosing. At the end of the day, can you really enjoy Christmas without bubbly and sparkles? 

Candy Cane MarTEAni 

Candy Cane Martini


3 peppermint tea bags 

150ml of boiling water 

150g of caster sugar 

35ml of gin 

25ml of white chocolate liqueur 

20ml of peppermint syrup 

25ml of double cream 

Candy cane for rimming glasses and garnish 

Candy at Christmas is not just for the kids, you know? This holiday cocktail is the very definition of home mixology and is the perfect way to showcase your mixology talents to your festive guests. The delicious peppermint syrup tea is the star performer, delivering a sweet and spicy cocktail that is too good to be missed. 

Gingerbread Eggnog 

Gingerbread Eggnog


1 tablespoon of cinnamon sugar 


1 cup of eggnog 

1 cup of vodka 

1 cup of Kahlua 

2 tablespoons of molasses, plus extra for drizzling 

1 pinch of ground ginger 

Whipped cream for topping 

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without eggnog, and the holiday season is the perfect time to roll out the ginger, too. This gingerbread eggnog recipe is quick, easy, and outstandingly delicious - your guests will want more and more, no matter when you serve it. 

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