Five Make Up Looks to Feel Flawless in the Sun

Five Make Up Looks to Feel Flawless in the Sun 

What better way to welcome the arrival of summer than with a glowing new makeup look and chic dress? This season, it’s all about glowing skin, shimmery lids, and embracing the gorgeous hues of pastels. Below are some of our favorite summer makeup styles to give you the inspiration you need now the sun is shining. 

Pink Pout
Pink Pout Dress

Stunning pink pouts 

We can’t be the only ones who think that pink is perfect all year round. Even so, a stunning pink lippy brightens any overcast day. As settling on your signature shade of pink can be tough, it’s helpful to go for a combination of two shades; a neutral nude and a vibrant, deep pink. Start with the deeper color on the inner edge and center of your lips, before blending out with the natural shade for a subtle ombre style and capacious pout. For a distinctly fresh look, pair your pinks with minimal makeup. 

Bold Brows Top
Bold Brows

Bold brows 

The fluffy brow trend is back. So, this summer, start your eye makeup with a perfect bold brow. Take a spoolie and brush your brows out before setting them with a gel for that quick fix that works with any style. If you’re hoping to make your brows look even stronger, consider a clear or pigmented brow gel, and with just a couple of flicks, execute the perfect fluffy brow look that will turn heads for all the right reasons. 

Gorgeous Blushes
Gorgeous Blushes Dress

Gorgeous blushes 

This summer is all about the fresh-faced look, and a rosy blush is just the way to go about it. Opt for a liquid or cream blush to make blending that little bit easier, and go for a shade that complements the natural tone of your skin. For example, orange is ideal for warmer tones, while pink perfectly matches cooler toned skin. To execute a natural look, begin from the apple of your cheek before blending the brush along your cheekbones. For something a little more daring, blend up towards your temples for a dramatic look, or opt for a sunkissed glow by adding a teeny amount of blush on the bridge of your nose. Whatever you go for, blush is very much on-trend this summer. 

Silvery Shimmer Dress
Silvery Shimmer

Silvery shimmer 

Glitter is always on-trend, and we love the cool vibes of silver this summer. Try out a pigmented liquid eyeshadow to create a show-stopping look. Swipe the shadow on your lids and pair it with a classic winged black liner to accentuate your eyes before you leave for your big night out. For something bolder, blend a sliver of silver along your cheekbones and into your cupid’s brow. It will create a stunning holographic highlight effect, which will add some sparkle to your chosen outfit.

Gloss and Glitter
Gloss and Glitter Dress

Gloss and glitter 

This summer, another perfect trend to embrace is the versatile combination of gloss and glitter. Tap a small amount of loose glitter onto your lips before glossing over to bring a subtle sparkle that will showcase your smile. Or go one step further by adding gloss to your lids, but be sure to use a dedicated eyelid gloss to keep your lids in shape during the day and at night. You might even go for a colored glitter pigment to create a stunning glam look and coordinate your outfit to perfection. 

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