Coordination is key; the Wedding palettes we’re crushing on this Spring

Choosing a suitable color scheme for your wedding is one of your most important decisions ahead of the big day, as the palette is key to the overall aesthetics. Here, we introduce some of our favorite wedding palettes for this season to inspire you while you plan the finer details of your big day. 

Mint & Lilac
Satin Cami Strap Pleated Maxi Dress in Lilac
Satin Cami Strap Ruffle Detail Bodycon Dress in Mint

Refreshing lilac and mint 

This season, it’s all about the pastels, and lilac and mint are one of our favorite combinations. The matching of understated purple shades and the cool, light green are a match made in heaven for wedding season. Consider pastel cupcake towers that look scrumptious and bouquets with multiple subtle shades at your venue. Lilac and mint allow you to bring in other colors effortlessly, be it light yellow or baby pink, which enables you to add a splash of color to your decor without worrying too much about matching. Alternatively, you could contrast your chosen palette with royal purple or forest green accents. 

No matter the style you opt for, this pretty pastel palette will ensure your wedding looks stunning. When it comes to color matching, we know it can be tough to create exemplary coordination. You can visit our Flower Girl Dresses Collection to discover adorable dresses that pair beautifully with our women’s bridesmaid range. 

Red & White
Cowl Neck Satin Slip Maxi Dress in Orange
Satin Maxi Wrap Detail Dress in Red

Dramatic White and Red 

The contrast between dazzling white and ruby red creates a beautiful wedding aesthetic. Although you might think it’s simple, small touches of coordination with this color combination are easy to pull off. Think of things like red ribbon sashes, dark red table settings on a pure white tablecloth, and white and red roses - they’re all ways to get the most out of this stunning combination. For a dramatic flair, opt for lots of red with white accents, or make white your primary color with red accents for something a little brighter. Whichever you choose, a white and red combination will be loved by your guests. 

Another thing is that deep red bridesmaid dresses are perfect for helping your stunning white wedding dress stand out. Our edit of Red Bridesmaid Dresses contains a range of gorgeous shades and attractive styles, so you can find the ideal attire to match your chosen wedding palette. 

Neutral Wedding
Satin Cami Lace Insert Ruched Maxi Dress in Champagne
One Shoulder Satin Finish Maxi Dress in Champagne

Timeless Neutral Tones 

A neutral palette is like a blank canvas, and you can adapt it however you like. For us, a neutral palette is all about light nudes, particularly bronze contrasts and champagne tones. You can also alter the whole feel of your palette by mixing in darker or lighter shades. To keep things understated, opt for a white base and choose matte and minimal when you’re selecting your decor and bridesmaids' outfits. Conversely, you might be inspired by a richer neutral palette, and gold accents and silky fabrics add a whole new dimension to your wedding day. 

Choosing a neutral palette allows for no end of elegant touches. As opposed to selecting floral decorations and traditional bouquets, consider dried grasses as a gorgeous contrast to your neutral colors. Bronze lanterns are also a beautiful alternative to conventional floral centerpieces. If you’re planning to match your bridal party to your decorations, browse through our Champagne & Nude Bridesmaid Dresses today.