Our Top Tips for Buying the Perfect Wedding Dress

One of the most stressful aspects of wedding planning is picking the perfect dress. It can be tough to find a bridal dress that lives up to the gorgeous vision that you’ve held since you were little. To help you find the dream dress, here are ten top tips to make the process that little bit easier. 


Research, research, research 

Looking at what’s out there is so important if you’re to find your dream dress. Whether Pinterest becomes your closest ally or you turn to bridal magazines, it’s important to pull all of your preferred styles together. This will help you refine your search and a scrapbook or Pinterest board can help keep things organized. 

Wedding Inspiration

Settle on three words to describe your dress 

A helpful trick to express the finer details of your wedding dress is to settle on three adjectives that you can use to describe your dream dress. Note these words down in your journal, and you will find that it helps you to pin down the most important elements of your dress. 

Look for your size 

Although you might be thinking of losing a few pounds before the big day, it’s really important to buy a perfectly fitting dress. We have so many gorgeous dresses for women of all sizes, so you will be able to find the perfect match for your body shape. Believe us - there’s nothing glamorous about squeezing into a wedding dress. 

Petite Wedding Dresses
Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Plan in advance 

Leaving your dress shopping until the last minute is a disaster waiting to happen. When you’re short of time, you’re more likely to rush into a decision, leaving you with a dress that you’re not totally happy with. So starting your wedding dress hunt early is key.

Stick to your budget 

We get it - wedding budgets are usually broken. So, while it can be tough to stick to your exact budget, try not to go too far over when you’re looking for your dress. We have so many reasonably priced dresses that will help you sparkle on your wedding day; you don’t need to empty your life savings to find the perfect dress. 

Bridal Strapless Floral Jacquard Midi Dress in White
Laced Bridal Dress with Short Sleeves in White

Try something different 

Although there’s a lot to love about traditional styles, you should never be afraid of trying something different. Mixing a fabulous fish scale design and ivory tone, this elegant embellished dress is an excellent example of how you can mix things up. 

Bridal Halter Style Embellished Wedding Dress in Ivory
Bridal One Shoulder Sequin Maxi Dress In White

Consider the theme 

The best wedding themes consider the whole event, from the food to the bridesmaid dresses. The theme will also impact your wedding dress. For instance, a summer wedding will usually have a lighter tone, while an autumnal event is better suited to a change in color. Whenever you get married, ensure your dress fits your chosen theme. 

Get inspired 

If you’re well into your search and haven’t found what you’re looking for, it might be time for a change of strategy. Look for inspiration from other brides, be it online or among your friends. You will be surprised at how much inspiration you can take from others’ style choices. 

Listen to the girls 

Your bridesmaids will always have your back, and they’re there to help you. Whenever you go for a fitting, consider dropping a few snaps in your groupchat to ask for their opinions. It’s always a good idea to get a second opinion before settling on that dream dress. 

Wedding Party

Look at different lengths 

Brides often favor long wedding dresses, but there’s nothing wrong with trying something different. Midi dresses are perfect for summer weddings and could bring a whole new dimension to your look on the big day. Don’t rule a dress because of its length, as you will be surprised at how great Midi Wedding Dresses can look. 


If things are moving a little slower than you expected, don’t panic. If you haven’t done so already, visit The Wedding Hub today and we can help you get the inspiration you’ve been hoping for.