Wedding Inspiration: Our favorite countryside venues

With summer very much upon us, we all want to make the most of these glorious, sun-blessed days. Although some people consider outdoor weddings too difficult to pull off, there are lots of simple things you can do to create a stylish, sophisticated wedding at the beating heart of nature. So, let’s take a look at some inspired choices you can make to put together your dream outdoor wedding plans this year. 

Magical forests 

There’s something exceptionally pleasing about placing furniture in forests. The natural setting undoubtedly lends itself to organizing a beautiful day for your friends and family. Hosting your wedding ceremony surrounded by trees has lots of benefits, from hanging fairy lights to large, dropping canopies. In other words, there are limitless possibilities when decorating your outdoor space. 

Forest Wedding
Strapless Printed Dip Hem Dress in Green

Vintage patterned rugs are endlessly chic and are an excellent way to tidy up the forest floor to ensure you have an even aisle to glide down. To make sure you feel like a fairytale princess at an upcoming magical forest wedding, a Dip Hem Dress is the ideal wedding guest dress, as it cuts a modern twist with a classic silhouette. Round things off by adding sheepskins to the seating and opt for candle centerpieces, and your forest wedding ceremony has everything it needs to deliver a night to remember. 

Beautiful beaches 

The beach is a dreamy wedding venue and is ideal for creating a carefree, joyous vibe to proceedings. The prototype for a wedding at the beach is a flowered arch leading to the ocean. But to really ensure your day stands out, adding a wavy organic aisle is a wonderful addition. Think of natural sand, monochrome floral arrangements, and linen drapes to create the ideal beach setting. 

One Shoulder Satin Finish Maxi Dress in Champagne
Beach Wedding

Beach weddings befit a neutral palette, and champagne and nude bridesmaid dresses are an excellent choice. Finally, a dugout firepit and a cushioned seating area will provide the perfect space for your guests to chill out and relax after the ceremony. 

Dreamy lakes 

Wedding pictures taken in front of a dreamy lake are classically romantic. A lake provides a timeless backdrop for exchanging vows and does much of the hard work for you. For that Bridgerton era feel, incorporate a wooden deck or railings to complement the stunning natural surroundings. 

Lake Wedding
Corset Bodice & Glitter Tulle Midi Wedding Dress in White

Of course, the bride must look elegant, too, and there’s nothing better than a Midi Wedding Dress to create a chic silhouette. You could even go one further by enjoying your wedding reception on a boat. Be it a wood-paneled barge or a sleek yacht with a dancefloor on board; there are lots of options if you want to take your celebrations out onto the water. 

Timeless countryside 

When you happen upon an empty green space, the possibilities for a stunning wedding reception abound. We just love the aesthetic of outdoor dining tables in rustic wood, bedecked with gorgeous wildflower table settings. 

Cami Sequin Embellished Wedding Dress in White
Countryside Wedding

For a super chic approach to your rustic countryside wedding, upcycle glass bottles to use as cases, and add a ribbon that showcases your chosen palette. For something a little more formal, you could opt for a splendid white marquee or tone things down a little with some haybale seating. This rustic setting lends itself perfectly to a luxe Embellished Wedding Dress and will ensure all eyes are on you throughout your big day.