Why Body Positivity Should Be Your Priority in 2022

Lots of us struggle with negative thoughts about our bodies; it’s only natural. With the rise of social media, it’s more challenging than ever to stay focused on what’s unique and beautiful about ourselves. However, how we view our bodies is super important if we’re to live fulfilling, happy, and confident lives. 

What is body positivity? 

Although the term ‘body positivity' has been used widely in recent years, not everyone is sure precisely what it means. For us at Chi Chi, body positivity is about respecting, accepting, and appreciating your body as it is. It’s also about appreciating others for who they are. Body positivity is also about celebrating the fact that every person is unique. We should do our utmost to focus on the positive aspects of every person’s body without falling into the trap of comparing them to the societal norms and beauty standards that many of us are accustomed to today.

While important, body positivity doesn’t happen right away. Developing an appreciation of your body and rejecting the negativity that fuels mainstream culture is a long process. Yet, the sooner you start embracing the positives, the quicker you can start living your very best life. You should also be mindful that being body positive isn’t about rejecting change or self-improvement, and it’s certainly not vain, as some are led to believe. Clear evidence from several sources indicates the myriad benefits that body positivity has on populations in different parts of the world.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of staying body positive in 2022 is that doing so can contribute positively to your mental health and wellbeing. While we all feel down from time to time, being confident in your own body is an excellent strategy that will propel you on the road towards happiness and fulfillment.

Changes to stay body positive in 2022 

  • Work on your timeline 

Our use of social media fuels much of our negative thinking about our bodies and the way we look in general. If you’re demoralized by what social media is showing you, it’s important to put the phone down and step away. Equally, it’s helpful to work on your timeline, to include more diverse sources that promote body positivity. You can take inspiration from so many body shapes and sizes, so dive a little deeper into Instagram to find sources that inspire you and focus on everyone’s uniqueness. 

  • Love yourself 

The way we speak to ourselves is just as impactful as the way that others interact with us. If you constantly put yourself down and hate the way your body looks, it’s time to try and change the dialogue. Keep checking in with yourself and reassuring your inner voice that you’re beautiful as you are. While it’s certainly not easy to quieten your dissenting inner voice, you will notice changes gradually and learn to love yourself - you certainly deserve it. 

  • Speak to family and friends 

Although you might think it’s a simple suggestion, opening up and speaking to your family and friends can be an effective way of developing confidence as far as body positivity is concerned. Talking through how you feel and exploring the way you think about your body might seem tough at first, but it’s also the first important step on your journey towards body positivity.

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