Our Planet

We continue to be committed to sustainable practices at Chi Chi. We are more than a fashion brand and that goes to understanding and changing our impact on the animals and environment around us. We know we are not perfect, but we are serious about continuing to set challenging targets to improve our sustainability in everything we do from our products, packaging, manufacturing and business processes to help build a better future around us.

Our Products

Diversity and inclusivity is at the heart of what we do and this reflects in our products. We are committed to creating fashion for everyone which is why we will always offer a diverse size set from UK 4-26 aswell as kids 3-14 years, aswell as creating unique ranges (Petite, Plus Size).

Our People

We know that we would be nothing without our customers and people. We lead by example in all that we do and ensure the way that we communicate with our customers and staff reflects our brand values and integrity. We have a responsibility to give back which is why we work with numerous charities, supporting the industry and setting ourself targets to do even more.

Our Process

It’s our responsibility to make sure every worker in our business and supply chain is respected and protected. Everyone should feel safe at work, financially secure and respected by their fellow workers and we strive to drive standards up and have a happy team.